1000 word reflection.



Making Connections

Self Reflection Statement

My collection is based on bedroom textiles for Laura Ashley. I decided to chose Laura Ashley because I have always shopped at Laura Ashley and I have always been so inspired by the work and her/the companies collections that I decided to design a collection for them, also Laura Ashley is a company that originated from Britain so what better company to chose.

I have always dreamed of designing for Laura Ashley and here was my chance even if it was hypothetically.

I decided to design a interior collection specifically bedroom textiles because I have always had a love for decorating and mix and matching different textiles. I have always been interested in Fashion and Interior, I have had lots of opportunities to create fashion garments but I have never been able to design for interior textiles so I took this as my opportunity to and so I was really excited when I started this project and had lots of ideas. I think from starting this project I am definitely more inspired by interior textiles than I am fashion, but this could change as I do love them both, but what I think I love about interior textiles more is that there isn’t as many boundaries obviously there are trends but the trends don’t die out they last for many years because that’s how they are designed to me, colours may change and designs may change a little but they always last.

The collection I have produced I used Cotton Fabrics because I find that cotton is a lot more comfortable, it’s a natural fabric and it doesn’t age quickly like synthetic fabrics. I am also designing for a spring/summer collection and cotton is always a nicer fabric to use in the summer, it doesn’t make you hot and sticky like other fabric can. Also Laura Ashley uses mainly cotton in her collection so I decided to stick to what the company uses. I want customers to feel comfortable in what they are sleeping in so they will want to come back.

I decided to go for a floral and damask design in my work. All of my collection has either been photographed or been drawn by me. I think this works really well with Laura Ashley because a lot of the companies designs/collections are floral, damask, paisley etc. so I think keeping to a similar theme is good so you can tell it’s a Laura Ashley design but with my own twist on it.

I’m the best at drawing so in this project I decided I want to practice my drawing as much as possible, so I’ve tried to do little drawings of different types of flowers, I think my drawing has improved a little but I still want to experiment with different medias which I will continue to do after this hand in. Along with drawings I have taken lots of photos of different flowers that I think will fit in with my theme, I love photography so this was a fun aspect of my project. From there then I combined both my drawings and photos to create my designs, I decided to do this because I found after experimenting with these in photoshop they worked really well and I felt they would work well in Laura Ashley’s Company.

I have changed my colour palette quite a few times but I have stuck to different shades of blue, pink and purple. I chose these colours because I am designing for a S/S collection so I thought these colours would be appropriate also I wanted colours that were fresh and colourful. Also I didn’t want to design a piece of bedroom textiles that would go out of date; these colours are always on trend so you would be able to use these designs for a long time.

I have used different photos of flowers but keeping them quite similar so you can tell they are in the same collection. I also only used 2 different drawings for my damask designs so they would fit in as well. I have tried to have a little variety with my designs so they don’t all look the same; some designs are quite busy where others are a little simpler. I have tried to keep the colour theme going all the way through also to keep the designs a tight collection. I think my collection does work as a group even though there are different scales and patter lay outs I think If I kept it all the it would look a bit boring and all the same meaning people wouldn’t buy my designs.

I made these designs for mainly woman or couples. These designs are quite feminine because of the flowers also because the colours I have used are quite feminine. Laura Ashley is a very feminine shop, I don’t think I ever seen a man in there unless he’s with his partner, maybe next time I may design something for both sexes with neutral colours. I think these designs would work well for couples though.

Even though I have mainly designed my collection for bedding I have experimenting using CAD visuals to see if my collection would work well with other items in the bedroom e.g. chairs, wallpaper and cushions. Looking back on my experiments I think my collection would work well in all of these different furniture and I would like to experiment on these further. I think if the collection needed to be more than 12 I would maybe use more photos and drawings and also maybe expand my colour palette.

I have really enjoyed this module and being able to go where ever I want with the project but keeping to my hypothetical brief obviously. I think I could improve my sketchbook further and will be doing that as soon as possible. Also maybe playing around with some new designs to see what other ideas I can come up with maybe coming up with more neutral colours and designs. Other than That I am happy with my final outcome I have loved every second of this project.

Thursday workshop with Steveeeee:)

We have had two workshops with Steve, first one showing us how to do hand repeat designs and the other showing us how to do CAD visuals (computer aided designs)

starting with the hand repeat designs

Steve started off by showing us some examples of past 3rd years work which was very inspiring and fab to see because it gives you lots of ideas of the kind of things you can do with hand screen printing.

IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1123

Here are some images showing that I took of the 3rd years work and Steve showing us how to do hand repeat patterns that use to screens. He also showed us how to measure the metal bolts on the edge of the table that make sure the pattern is a perfect repeat….. I really enjoyed this because even though we may not have time this term, it is getting us prepared for next term.

The following week Steve explained CAD visuals to us as we need examples of CAD for our hand in.

Although lots of people didn’t really understand what Steve was saying I found it quite helpful as I have never attempted them before so I understood quite well, although I asked my friend Elisabeth how she did hers as well to see if there were different ways of doing it because I wanted to try different ways to see what technique I would work better with. I also used youtube because youtube is fantastic for upcoming designers using more up to date photoshop!

Here is one example of my CAD


Hand Repeat Designs

We had a lecture teaching us how to designs a hand repeat which I really enjoyed as I think it is an important skill to have in this industry because you cant always reply on technology to work and also some companies still do things by hand so knowing how to do a design in repeat using technology and by hand doesn’t restrict you to job opportunities. Also both of them are so much fun so why wouldn’t you want to learn how to do both!!!

we were shown a hand out to start with of how to set out the design you wanted to turn into a repeat11084454_1084550581570555_1749160101_n

you then make 3 copies of the one design block them together and see where you have a few gaps, where the gaps are you fill in with another images e.g if you have a floral design you would fill it in with 1 or 2 more flowers so they join then do the same on the other blocks


Then you have to trace over the design using a piece of paper to create the final design


My drawing and photos being used in my designs.

colour change 1 print paper 2 paper design 1 repeat 1 pink final floral colour change print repeat 3 white print

Using my images and drawings and sticking to my colour palette as much as possible I have come up with these designs so far which I am really Happy with them, they have turned out better than I thought… stayed tuned for more designs…….

Sketch book work!!!

IMG_1250[1] IMG_1251[1] IMG_1252[1] IMG_1253[1] IMG_1255[1] IMG_1256[1] IMG_1257[1] IMG_1241[1] IMG_1242[1]My sketch book work from last term wasn’t very good so I decided to start again. My drawing isn’t the strongest it never has been really, so I really wanted to work on it this term and really try and improve it as much as possible as  feel that is one part of my work that my have failed and I didn’t want to let myself down.

Compared to last term I really think my drawing as Improved a little and this sketch book looks a lot better than the first one. I still have quite a lot to finish but I’m getting there. Also I’m enjoying myself when I draw when before I use to hate it so I’m really happy with that because it makes the process more enjoyable and its not a task now its something I like to sit down  and do in the evenings.

Mood Boards

I decided to re-do my mood boards as I really wasn’t happy with the standard of then and knew I could do a lot better

After a lot of planning and deciding how to present them I quite happy with the outcome and think they look quite professional and tidy

Here they are…..11039204_1082653131760300_1643415537453023676_o 11043160_1082653001760313_2935230362792467726_o 11043388_1082653051760308_5336835369361525024_o 11080464_1082652805093666_8012289847523565109_oi Decided to create a theme called ‘soft summer’ that included pastel colours that I think would go really nicely with a summer trend, I will also be looking at florals, damask designs that will work really well for the company I am designing for ‘Laura Ashley’….

Designs I have started to play around with

Here are some of the designs I’m experimenting with at the moment. some of the designs are made from photos I had taken in the first term and also drawings that I have developed over the months

I have really enjoyed playing around with different designs and different techniques to create different patterns. At times I have gotten frustrated with coming up with work that I think is good enough and also getting the right colours and to make sure the designs would work well with Laura Ashley but that have a ‘Gabbie’ style to them

so here are some of the ones I have come up with so far.

FLORAL DESIGN 1 repeat 1 pink DESIGN 2 Some of them are better than others… from here i want to come up alternate colour ways for these designs and also create a lot more new designs